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Arcus Clouds In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Hye Dear Worldians! ;)

Today, as I browsed through the news feed in Facebook page, I saw there are many posts from my friends about the appearance of strange, weird clouds in Kota Kinabalu at around 7.50 AM - 9.15 AM, on 12 June 2012. It attracted my attention then; well, I'm a Sabahan as well, this kind of phenomenon would gain my interest too. ;) Within the time (7.50 - 9.15AM), and while some people were excited of taking pictures of the strange clouds pattern, it was reported that the weather was stable, without any occurring of strong winds and raindrops. However, by afternoon, wild storm (caused by the movement of the tail of Typhoon Mawar) which comes along with heavy rain, started to struck along the West Coastal areas of Sabah. This is the combined pictures of the phenomenon.

photo credit: Ni Kali Lah Facebook Group Page
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Looking at the shape or pattern of the clouds, it was identified as the Arcus Clouds. It is a low, horizontal cloud formation. There are two types of Arcus Clouds - the Shelf Clouds and the Roll Clouds. A Shelf Cloud is usually associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow, while Roll Clouds are usually formed by outflows of cold air from sea breezes or cold fronts in the absence of thunderstorms (Wikipedia sc.). What has appeared in the Kota Kinabalu sky is the Shelf Clouds type, which scientifically explained as a forebearer of bad weather, which is attached to a much larger cloud system (their parent cloud, the cumulonimbus cloud), and is said to bringing thunderstorms or cold fronts.

can read more about Arcus Cloud through Wikipedia and Other Sources in Internet.

an example of a complete formation of Arcus Cloud (Shelf Cloud Type), Kearney, Nebraska
photo courtesy: Ryan McGinnis

Such type of clouds are rarely seen in this country, or to be precise, never happened before. Even throughout my 23 years old of living, me myself have never witnessed such natural phenomenon. I can understand why it gained so much attentions, and many opinions were developed upon the rarely seen phenomenon. Some said that it is a sign of the world is coming to an end; some said that it's a beginning for afar worse phenomenons in the future while some said that this caused by the Global Warming, as the world now is 'changing in sickness', and in the process of trying to 'heal' itself, strange phenomenons and weathers occurred everywhere, all around the globes. Whatever it is, this depends on how we perceive all these things. Let's see some of the pictures taken, concerning about the strange clouds phenomenon happened yesterday in Sabah. :)

picture taken from Marina Court, Kota Kinabalu
photo courtesy: Mimie ColouRfull (Facebook)

picture taken from Penampang District. Unknown photographer

picture taken from Tamparuli District. photo courtesy: Ankol Tom

picture taken from Kelombong, Kota Kinabalu.

photo courtesy: Emey Yateng (Facebook)

Looks like a tornado. Photo source: See Hua Daily News

Picture taken from nearby Sutera Harbour area, Kota Kinabalu
photo courtesy: Mimie ColouRfull (Facebook)

photo taken nearby Kota Kinabalu City Centre
photo source:

picture taken in Labuan. photo source: (extracted from Twitter)

They look amazing, right? ;) I must admit - firstly I felt, it's a regret that I did not able to witness it by my own eyes, the moment I read about it. But, once I browsed through the information about Arcus Clouds, I would agree to what Simone Preuss wrote that "Seeing a shelf cloud, as impressive as it might be, usually means one thing: run for cover!". :)

Arcus - Roll Clouds, Uruguay. Photo Courtesy: Daniela Mirner Eberl

Somehow, I see this Arcus Cloud as a great scary tsunami-alike wave, coming by to wash out whatever in its way, only that it comes from the sky not from the ocean... :)

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