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SBC Day 10: Art Pieces - Get The Room Alive!

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Anyeonghaseyo Dear Worldians! How Ya Doing Today? ;)

Summer Blog Challenge - for today's prompt (10 June 2012), it asked about 'Cost aside, famous art pieces that you would have in home'. Haahaa... To be honest, if only I'm not going to consider about the cost, I'm gonna get all the wonderful art pieces that I'd love to see all this time. Haha (!). To name them, I wanna have those famous drawings by well-known artists such as Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. But, to get them, just money won't be enough. Hehehe... After all, there are only one original copy for each of it, right? Let them be in the museum then. Think they are taken care better over there.. hihi :p

Therefore, if I can't get the drawings, I think I would have mural paintings art in my home then. Hehe. I wanted to get it done inside and outside of the house. Get the room alive and get the house - ok, alive too. Ahaha.. ;p

example of mural painting (bedroom) photo credit:

Many said that we can do our own mural paintings in home. I'd totally agree on it. But, as mentioned earlier, if only I were able to hire someone to do mural paintings in my home, I wanted it to be done by Diego Rivera, one of the most famoust mural artists in the world. Wohooo (!). I like his concept - Portraying about the fullness of society, and he is very detail in his work. But... He is not in this world anymore.. Huhu.. See his amazing works in some of the places all over the world.. ^^

Diego Rivera's mural in the National Palace in Mexico City
photo source:

Detail from the Great City of Tenochtitlan, from the pre-Hispanic and Colonial Mexico Cycle, 1945-52
photo courtesy:

Man [Humanity) at the Crossroads, 1934, Rockefeller Center, Mexico.
He used to be a very detailed mural artist right? Really like this one!
photo source:

If only he is still alive, I'm going to tell him:

"Mr Diego Rivera. Don't worry, my house isn't that big. The wall that I'm going to have your mural painting on it is the wall of the mini library in my home (owh, they are not that big too), where my children would sit and do their education and learning process. Think that your art, could lighten up the room and bring some fresh inspirations to them, whenever they step inside and see the mural later...."

see, how the room transformed! haha.. Really2 love this!
photo credit:

Hahaha.. Well, I will definitely asked for his guidance and advice too, on how to do mural paintings. I might want to get one too for the other rooms, and I think nature theme would be the choice, since me and my golum; we both like forest and fresh environment. The picture, maybe one of the beautiful forest sceneries around Sabah. Owh, not to forget, the Mt Kinabalu should appear in that mural plus some traditional and folklore elements inside. ^_^

could be something like this! Tropical Rainforest.. Just Love it!
photo credit:

just awesome! ^_^ photo credit:

loving it..^^ photo credit:

Haha, I think that's all I could share about art pieces that I would wish to have in my home. Oh yeah, cost aside. Hehehe... What's yours? ;)

Till we meet again and thanks for stopping by and reading too! Loveyaaa... Xoxo... 

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow! I love the energy in your writing and the images you posted! I am grateful I found you today via the Summer Blog Challenge... we are kindred spirits indeed!!

Click here to read my post for the Summer Blog Challenge today!

Kendall said...

Murals really are beautiful.

Trista Laborn said...

Thank You for stopping by my blog! Im your newest follower! you can follow back at:

Witch Vera said...

Julie ::

Haha.. Tq2.. ^^ I am grateful too, that I found you and the other bloggers via SBC...! Many things I can learn, especially about parenting.. muahaha.. :D

Kendall ::

Ya, all kind of arts are interesting and never failed to excite us, right ? ^^

Trista ::

Thanks for stopping by here too! Yeah, I've followed you! ^_^

diego rivera said...

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