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SBC Day 11: Blessed Best Day In My Life

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Moshi2 Dear Worldians, Ni Hao! and How Ya Doing Today? ;)

I just finished my supper and now I have some energy to write for today's prompt for the Summer Blog Challenge (!). Wee... *happy* Hahahaa (!). What the...-_- But it is true. This morning, I went to Bayan Lepas Airport in Penang, to meet my younger brother, Eydo for a while and spend him a McD breakfast meal, who'd flight transited here with the other students (there were 40 of them, not including their teachers), before they proceed to Kedah, for a PKBM camp competition. It was early in the morning and you can guess, how cold it was to sit inside the arrival hall at that time. I felt bit uncomfortable with the temperature, and while going back to University Sains Malaysia, I felt I'm going to have fever. Thanks God that it didn't turn worse. ^_^ I got paper tomorrow . .huk3..

Ok2, do not want to waste much time.. Haha (!). For today's prompt of Summer Blog Challenge, it asked a simple question 'Best Day of Your Life', but kinda required my deep thinking on this topic. Muahaha.. When I read some of the other participants' posts on this topic, most of them said that having their babies and get married with their hubby is the most beautiful day in their life. I'd agree to it. And, to be honest, if only I'm a married woman, have my hubby and children by my side, I would say the same thing. How could I not. Haha. But, I'm not married yet, since he had to wait (me too actually,.. hehe) for me to finish my study first and then stabilize few aspects, before we could really be united in a wedding matrimony. ^_^ Anyway, It's OK... haha... The day I met my Golum is the best day in my life, then. (forgive me Golum, you're the subject of my spells tonight! wink2.. haha).

golum in action... hahaha (!)

So, that's a picture of my Golum... Hahaha. (!). He's so ugly, right (?). Muahaha.. *Evil Mode*.. This picture was taken while he went to Tiga Island, Borneo for a forest expedition. He is a Botanist Research Assistant, and his work required him to work inside the forest for many times. There's a volcano mud-pool (I do not know how to call it.. haha), in the island so they didn't want to miss the chance to taste it, and taking bath inside it.. Euuww.. hahahaha.... When he showed me the videos and pictures, I can't stop laughing.. Hohoho..

I use to call him 'dear' actually, but most of the time I would call him 'golum', love to tease him. Hahaha. He don't speak much but when he does, I really have to listen.. He's 5 years older than me, but sometimes acted like a baby boy.. Hahaha (!). He loves to do cooking and singing with me. He will be the guitarist, and I'll be the vocalist, plus him too. Hahaha. He's very modest in his way of thinking and appearance. That's what I love about him, he would try his best to tell me things that might be hard for me to accept. He told me everything from the beginning so I won't have doubts and regrets about his past. Thanks Golumn... ^_^

can you guess, which one is my golum? ;)

Hurm.. doing this made me want to cry because I'm missing him so much.. *sigh*. He is still in the Sepulut Forest Reserve, Borneo and there's no telephone line coverage over there. The recent call I received was last Sunday. Although just a short phone call, I must say that I'm very glad that he took the initiative to follow one of the researcher to come out to the nearest town to buy things. I'm very impatient girl, when it comes to a relationship, you know. Hahaha.. I think I always love to question, this and that. I couldn't accept simple and general answer, I demands more explanation. Whenever I felt something, and whatever I felt inside, I would just leak it out and let him know. But, really it's true, difference bring us closer. Be with him, has really taught me to be more patient and cherish whatever moments comes in our relationship. ^_^

If there's no obstacles, we are hoping to move our relationship to the next level, possibly by this year. :) let's wait and see... I'm not wishing much, to know the fact that he's waiting in patience, has made me the most happy woman.. Thanks my luv for your understanding.. hahaha... :)

golum, i love, the way you are... ;)

Ok, I think that's all I could share for today's prompt... Wanna say a lot, but somehow I found words couldn't describe what I felt right now... hahaha *sigh*. Anyway, whatever days we had, it should be a best day for us actually, for we are still alive in this world and to know that how blessed we are to experience one more beautiful day in our life. Right? ^_^

Thanks for stopping by and reading ! Till we meet again! Loveyaa..xoxo..

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Kendall said...

I loved reading this. :)

Beck said...

This was awesome, thanks for sharing your "golum" story!

crunchyfarmbaby said...

Aw, how precious! I hope you can reunite soon!

Alyssa McVey said...

How sweet! The first day I met my husband definitely was NOT one of my best days LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

Witch Vera said...

Kendall :: Tq2.. haha.. :))

Beck :: W'come.. Haha :p

@Crunchyfarmbaby :: Thanks. I'm gonna hit him hard if he let me wait any longer.. ahaha.. joke2.

Alyssa :: Hahaha.. *wondering why*.. :p U'r welcome.. :D

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