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SBC Day 12: That Memorable Y2K Injury (-__-)

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Hye2, Anyeonghaseyo, Konichiwa Dear Friends! ;)

I am so happy that one paper has finished and there are five more to go! I'm not that smart in academic, but I'm glad and grateful to God that I managed to answer all the questions. Now is time for the Summer Blog Challenge. For today's prompt, it asked about 'The Worst Injury You've Had and How It Happened'.. *ding dong*.. Hahaha.. :D Honestly, I don't really like to talk about injuries 'cause it's dealing with the painfulness that we once experienced in life, and the memories of waiting for it to be healed completely, and to know the fact that the scar would be there forever.. Hohoho. Anyway, I felt that it's not wrong to share about it, after all it taught us to be more careful in whatever we do, in our life.. right? ;)

So, the worst injury that I ever had in my life so far happened on 01.01.2000, during our holiday in Tamparuli, Sabah; No wonder I can remember it very well, it happened on the very first day of the year 2000. Haha.. It was in the evening, where the weather was wet and rainy. I was 11 years old, and excited to start the new year with new age, new grade, new stationary, everything new that you can name it for a primary school girl. Hohoo.. That evening, together with my sister and my cousin, we took our bath together (in the village, the place to take your bath is usually separated 10 - 20 meters from the house). Wait.. Together?? Well, you know... young children.. Hahahaha..(!) and I realized that we were running out of soap. As the eldest, huk3.. with my towel all over my body, I ran through the rain and called for my mother, to give me a new soap, which was kept in the kitchen. As soon as I got it, I ran back to the bath house and that was the moment when I got my Y2K Injury.. *sigh*

the wound I got wasn't like this but it's located at the same spot like the one in this picture.
photo source:

While I was running back, I stumbled upon a stone, and it made me fell on to the ground. I didn't manage to reach anything to support myself, and all I knew was that I was laying completely on the ground. Wet soils were all over my hand, knees and a bit on my face. I still remember that I even laughed on myself. I rose up immediately and continued walking to my sister and my cousin. Trust me, I did not feel any painfulness at this point, but once I washed my knee, my hand... That was the moment when I screamed as I saw blood began to come out from my left hand palm. I felt like frozen as I let the water flowing on it, to know that I would feel the greatest 'effect' made by it in any seconds.

The funny and at the same time, frightening scene I've ever seen from my hand (I think..) was the shape of the cut, it looked like a 'happy-smile' you know... A Wide smile and I could see what was it looked like inside. My sister helped me to finish my bath (poor me..haha) and I came to my father, to show the wound. They were shocked as they thought that I just fell, nothing worse than that.. My aunt who is working as a nurse immediately performed some injury precautions on it before she asked her husband to drive us to the nearest hospital. Once we reached hospital, the doctor asked me who performed the injury precaution, how the wound happened and started to treat it. He told me only this "It's okay, we'll just need to do some stitches on your wound". In my mind, STITCHES?? What in the world that it would be an 'okay'. I am scared of needles ok! -__-

Glad that he knew how to make me less fear, he even got me few candies. Muahaha.. and it didn't take much time for the stitching process too. I received six stitches on the wound, which closed the 'happy-wide-smile' wound. Fuhh... Luckily.. But the real pain began once I woke up in the next morning. My left hand felt totally weak, and I started my new school semester with that 'white bandage accessory' on my left hand. Haizz...>_<

that's how it worked! photo credit:

Some infos I managed to know about stitches, stitches are primarily used if the cut is more than a quarter inch deep, is on the face or reaches bone. Stitches help hold the wound together so it can heal properly. Stitches are removed between 3 to 14 days after they are put depending upon which area of the body was injured. Stitches on the face can be removed between 3 to 5 days but areas of high stress such as hands, elbows and knees must stay in 10 to 14 days (like the cut on my left hand palm). I removed the threads myself and you can imagine what is the feeling of removing something from your skin.. Hee.. "Awesome" -__- haah..

The scar still visible but not that clear. I guessed it has healed quite properly,. ^_^

Think that's all for today's prompt. Thanks stopping by, and reading! Loveyouu.. Muaah. xoxo.. ;)

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Shai Smith said...

Ouchies!! What a way to bring in the new century! lol

Shannon said...

What a bummer of a way to start the year!

Alyssa McVey said...

Ouch! I hate hand injuries. They always take so long to heal!

Witch Vera said...

Shai & Shannon :: Yeah, never intended to celebrate the new century with such bandage on my hand.. haiz.. :p haha..

Alyssa :: Agree. The most interesting part is not to get wet while it's still in dressing. hahaha..

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