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SBC Day 13: Witch Vera By The End Of The Year ^_^

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Moshi2x Dear Worldians! How Ya Doing Today? ;) Haha..

I'm writing it a bit earlier tonight, since tomorrow evening I'm going to sit for my second examination paper. Gotta need enough rest for tomorrow morning revision session. *sigh*. Anyway, I won't forget about Summer Blog Challenge. Hehe.. I won't forget my TMOD's participation in it. Hahaha (!). I'm a very good  blog owner right. Ahaks.. Joke2.. Ok, for today's prompt, it asked 'How You See Yourself By The End Of The Year'. Now is very near to the middle of June, so we kinda have 5 months and half to the end of 2012. Seems like still a long way to go, but we won't feel it much once we reached. The time is running fast or we don't even have the time to count for it? Hahaha.. never mind, let's go on with the prompt.. ;)

To be honest, to say how we see ourself in the future is like we are predicting something, which we haven't knew for sure, will it really be happened or not. Kinda distorted. Hehe. But, it's always great because we know that at least, we had some plannings in our life, and it's a crucial for us in order to keep on moving forward. Doesn't matter will we get it by the end of the year or the next end of the year. ;) So how I see myself by the end of the year?? First, I must have been a graduated student. *Happy Smile*. If there's no obstacles, I am scheduled to be graduated somewhere in September 2012. *Cross Fingers*. That's the first thing I see about myself by the end of this year.

that day would be a meaningful day, I wish :)
photo source:

Second, I hope that (well, I do really hope actually..) I will get a work by the end of the year. I'm not sure will it be a permanent job (if it is, I would be much grateful) or be involved in a short term project, but I wish that at the time, I have something to do to support myself for living and can help my family too. I'm getting older already, I do not want to trouble my parent more. :) Amen.

*wondering..* :) photo source:

I wish that by the end of the year too, I have got my own driving licence. Wohoo (!). Hahaha. Pity me right, my brother which is 5 years younger than me have gained his driving licence last month. Haizz... It's ok, one by one. I know I'm going to get it someday. Heehe...

my own driving licence.. my own car.. err, that one maybe not this year.. hee ;p
photo source:

For personal appearance and grooming aspect, (haha!), I should say that I want to improve in my skills and lives more healthy lifestyle. But, for now, there's two thing that I want to see in myself by the end of this year. First, Longer Hair and take care of it better than now. Second, wanna get back my long nails and applying nice nail polish designs on it. Ahahaa.. :p

A long hair like this. oh, she was the crowned winner of Unduk Ngadau Beauty Pageant 2008.
photo courtesy: Skmeenuk Photography

my previous long nails and its polish design.. haha

By the end of the year too, I wanna make sure that I have visited this place! Hohoho. The Desa Dairy Farm, in Mesilau, Kundasang, Sabah. I have been wanting so much to visit this 'Little New Zealand' in Sabah but haven't got the chance. Have been discussing about this with Golum, and kinda got 'Green Light' already to do outing in here, only the time haven't been decided. Golum, don't forget ya.. Hahaha :p

the entrance.. this place is known as 'Little New Zealand' in Sabah
photo source: Ruohshiang Blog

from this place, can get a nice view of Mount Kinabalu too. The highest mountain in Southeast Asia.
photo source:

gonna take pictures and pictures in here. hahaha!
photo courtesy: sam4605@flickr,

I always love cookies. But didn't get the time and chance to learn about it. My mum knows how to do a few of them, so I guess I can learn to make cookies from her while waiting for my graduation and maybe while waiting for a job placement. To know on how to do two to three types of these cookies by the end of this year for sure will gonna get my value ups! Muahahah... What the... -__- *Almond London..yummy*** hahaha..:p

few types of cookies... ^^ photo source: High Blog

awww.. this one so sweet right? I love it ! ^_^
photo source:

And..... **with a long grin**... maybe, (MAYBE) by the end of this year, I will see this in myself (?) Oopss.. What is that? Errr... I think you can guess... Ahahahha...Jeng Jeng Jeng... :B

photo courtesy: Ayano Hisa Photography

That's all for today's prompt, and that's what I can share for today's topic 'How You See Yourself by The End of The Year'.. wee.. Hahaha.. What's yours ?

Thanks for stopping by and reading ! Loveyaaa... Xoxo... ^_^

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Domestically Seasoned said...

LOL that is a big fat engagement ring. Who's the lucky person?

Shai Smith said...

Congratulations on the impending graduation!!!! ♥

Mrs. S said...

Good luck with all your goals! I hope they all come true!!

PS. I love your blog! Super adorable!!

Witch Vera said...

Domestically Seasoned :: Ahahaha... revealed soon, Wait till the end of the year.. hee :B

Shai :: Thank you ! I hope there would be no sudden obstacles.. :))

Mrs. S :: Thank you ! I wish u the same too towards your goals.. ^^ haha, my blog no tips, no tutorials, no recipes ger.. huhu... Meeting you all thru SBC has given me many sources for family tips.. I like that ^^ haha

Jennifer Cluff said...

good luck with school and the rest of your goals. all great goals :)
thanks for stopping by mom-ology!

Kendall said...

Early congratulations on your graduation. :)

Witch Vera said...

Jennifer :: Hahaa, U're welcome and Thanks a lot too for wishing me ^_~

kendall :: haha, tQ 2x.... ^_^

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