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SBC Day 14: Getting Through The Life-Storm, You Can Do It!

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Hye2 Dear Friends, How Ya Doing Today? ;)

I have just arrived in my hostel and I do really need a nice bath now, feeling so sweaty all over. I remember about the Summer Blog Challenge and gotta need to post for the Day 14 prompt. However, I will update this one later once I finished ya.. Hehehe... Today I will share to you my 15 Tips to Get through Life. Jeng3... Wait for me and stay tuned ok... Muahahaa... >>off to bath<<

TMOD's owner, Witch Vera. she's cute right? (Laughh..)

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As promised, I will update this content of Day 14’s prompt once I finished my bath, rite. Hahaha. You can see from above what I’ve wrote before. Ok, to be honest, once I referred back to the prompt list and aware that I have to write on this - ‘Give Your Follower 15 Tips to get Through Life’, I was kind of startled. Hahaha. Hey look… I’m just 23 years old (the moment I write this) and I’m still in the life-learning process too. How could I talk something big like this, like I’ve been living in this world for more than 50 years? *Sob2*. Hahaa.

But again, remember, I’m the one who wanted to participate in this challenge, so a prompt is a prompt. Right. Hee. But, I’d rather say that Summer Blog Challenge is not just a list of prompts where you need to fulfil them like you’re trying to win a cup, but it’s much more than that. Reading through the other’s posts posted by the other participants has given me more understandings about how life goes on for different people. One interesting thing is that I realized most of them are married people and having their own family. It’s so nice to read how they deal with their children and what I like the most is, I get to know many tips, parenting tips, family tips, recipes, etc., which would be very useful someday in my life. Not to forget, some of their experiences are rarely being heard of, so I’m learning a lot through them. J

Uh, did I talk so much? Sigh. Ok, let’s move on to the prompt. 15 tips are kind of a lot (actually, I’m just telling you that this gonna be a long post... Hehe), but let’s just take it slowly. Ok. Hahaha. ^^

let's memorise this from now! ;) photo source:

1st TipTry to memorize and remember something every day. Not only will this leave our brain sharp and our memory functions, we will also have a huge library of quotes to bust out at any moment. Poetry, sayings and philosophies are our best options. For me to do this, I am subscribing to few quotes and sayings website so every day I could get new quotes and sayings to read and to learn of. As today, I just received one from Finest Quotes, “Winning isn't getting ahead of others. It's getting ahead of yourself”. Encouraging is it? This quote is by Roger Staubach. *But I haven’t been able to memorise it so far. (Laugh).

2nd TipAlways learn to focus only on the present. It’s true that no matter what, our past is still a part of our life but do not let it keep on haunting our life. The same goes with how we perceive someone’s past. Everyone did mistakes, but it doesn’t mean we could simply use it to judge people in their present. Learn to accept whatever past we had, and learn from our mistakes for a more successful life. J

yeah, positive thinking! ;)

3rd TipThink positive thoughts. This might be hard, mainly when we had some reasons to feel insecure about things that go around in our life; our relationship, our jobs, our family and so on, but never ever let only negative thoughts running through our mind every seconds. Do not simply jump into a conclusion whenever we felt something isn’t right. Patience and positive thoughts are complimented to each other. J

4th TipDevelop our endless curiosity about this world. Be an explorer and view the world as our jungle. This also means to try new things. Get out of our comfort zone and try to experience as many different environments and sensations as possible - this world have so much to offer to us. J

it's never too late to begin with! ;)

5th TipGet fit and Groom ourselves! It’s never a wrong thing to do if we want to get better appearance of ourself, especially when we had to meet many people every day. Good appearance can help us to be more confident and appealing to the others. ^_^

6th tipConversations with God. Whatever religions you are in and whatever beliefs you’re holding into, I’m sure we do know about the importance of prayer in our life. The power of prayer is a real, all we need is to trust and give our whole, let Him get inside and be working in our life. J When there is no one we could talk to, remember that God is always there, and He is always welcoming us to talk to Him and tell Him whatever we felt in the moments. J

7th TipStart our day off right. Once we wake up in the morning, give some time to pray and be thankful for another new day, and yes, get yourself a breakfast. Breakfast can really help us to stay motivated throughout the day. You can also spend some time to observe the nature and let it empowers our inner self. If we are happen to live in a place where all we can see is the white concrete buildings, go sit infront of our computer and search for nature wonders. We’ll be mesmerised with it, and feels encouraged. And, do not wake up late! Otherwise, we’ll see stars and planets are circling around our head for the rest of the day! :p

i was staring at this picture this morning. feeling fresh! ;)
photo source: Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (Facebook)

8th TipGo out and travel! This doesn’t mean that we have to go somewhere far away from our country to fulfil this. The nearest local parks or holiday destinations around our place would still make it. Go hiking with friends, do cycling trips and have some picnics with our beloved ones can bring us joy and happiness. Take many pictures as we could, and creatively save it in whatever way we like so we’ll always have something ready to help us to recall the precious time we spent. Do not let ourselves be stuck in a corner for the whole time. It sucks. J

Mt Kinabalu, next year's travel target! Let's go climbing! ;)

9th TipLearn not to be easily affected by the words of others. Do not let the words of others affect the way we see ourselves. Whatever they are saying, it’s only us who know exactly of ourselves. Some tend to be very sensitive, so if you think you’re in that category, this is for you. Don’t give a damn of whatever they said, live your dreams and go on with your goals of life.

10th TipDevelop the ability to forgive. This is one of the most difficult things we humans are ever called upon to do actually, which is to respond to evil with kindness, and to forgive the unforgivable. We always love to read stories about people who have responded to hatred with love, but when that very thing is demanded of us personally, our default seems to be anger, didn’t you? J But, let’s just keep trying to forgive the unforgivable. It really is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. Our enemy may not deserve to be forgiven for all the pain and sadness and suffering they have caused on our life, but we deserve to be free of this evil.

it's not easy, but it's always worth of try :)

11th TipLearn to control our emotions. Have you ever heard of this – “Don't make decisions when you're angry or mad. Don't make promises when you're happy”. It’s really a true. Don’t ever make our decision based on emotion. As much as we may want to (whether it’s out of anger, excitement, or passion), always think things through logically. Wait until we calm down and have put the volatile feelings behind us to make the decision. It’s the only way to make good decisions and to avoid making bad ones. Otherwise, we may regret it later. J

12th TipGet good at something. We must know that there must be something that we somehow, could do better or we have talents to do things that the other could not do. Develop it and make use of it wisely. However, to be really good in something, first, we must want to learn more about it by reading or listening to others who know how to do it, but most especially by doing. Do some more and we’ll start to understand it. This stage could take months or maybe years. Don’t stop, but keep on doing it. If we learn from mistakes, and are not afraid to make mistakes in the first place, we’ll go from good to great. ;)

love this! should try to do one cause I love it. (ahax) :p
photo source:

13th Tip Do what we love to do. One of my favourite writers, Jonathan Mead, wrote in his article that “the greatest change happens because of people that are deeply passionate, and have a great love for the work they do”. If we are doing thing that’s boring, we probably won’t make much of an impact (and that’s really true). But if we do thing that excite us, keep us up at night, and fulfils us, we’ll do more. Right? We’ll give ourself to it completely. We’ll put in extra time, more energy, more passion. Why is it so? Because it’s worth it. It’s satisfying. Therefore, think now about your passion, find your strength and value, and start making commitment to do it. Always remember that paths are made by walking. J

14th Tip Smile Always! J Wee… Haha. A smile has positive effects because it does not only make us look attractive (wink2…); it also helps develop our body functions. Scientifically, a few might know that smiling can help in improving in immune system and lower blood pressure. It also helps in changing mood. In any circumstances that people find no reason to smile (maybe they're having a bad day or they have been thinking of problems), smiling can help the body shift from the down feeling. Smiling can also help others because it's contagious. You might be having a friend who's feeling down; try giving him or her a smile, and see how things will change for that person. ^^ Even giving our smile to a stranger who looks a little stressed or in pain can brighten up their day. No believe? Smile now! :p

oMg... his smile will gonna kill me! *fainted* :p

15th TipLove is all there is. However, first of all, we must think of love as an action, not just a feeling. Love means wishing others to be happy. Love is about what we give not what we get. Practice doing something for someone each day with love alone and do it without expecting anything in return. Do it without anyone knowing it. For example, we can send happy thoughts to our friends or family members who live far away. Give compliments to other people. We can give a smile to a stranger passing by (again, remember, smile always).  No matter how small things we are doing each day do it with great love. Above all, begin by loving yourself. We can only truly love another being when we love ourself properly. The more we feel the love in our heart, the greater we are able to give more love to others. J

give with love, pray for love :)
photo source:

That’s all for today! I hope my tips could be useful to some of my followers out there. If you are happened to read this, thank you so much! You’ve just brightened up my day, and most importantly, I hope it has cheered you up too? ;)

Till we meet again, thanks for stopping by! Loveyaa.. xoxo…

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Shai Smith said...

I love this list, and I LOVE that picture of you!

Ronalee said...

You are such an excellent writer Vera, and wise beyond your years. :)

Rachael said...

Great tips. I love all the pictures you added to your list!

Witch Vera said...

Shai :: Haha, Thank you ^_~

Ronalee :: Haha, I'm just trying to write something that I hope could be useful for the others if they are happened to view this .. haha :p

Rachael :: Thank you ^_^

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