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SBC Day 15: My Photography Proudness (?) Haha

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Hallo Good Morning Dear Worldians!  Happy Friday! ;)

Somehow I felt happier this morning. Muahaha. For many reasons, some are unexplained while some are quite clear. Haha. First, definitely because of I  don't have to sit for any examination papers until 19 June, (wee..) so I will still have few more days to cover topics that I have not managed to cover. And second, I was surprised with a sudden morning message from my Golum (!). He told me that by coincidence, while they were on the way to the next forest gazetted area, they can access telephone line. Short message only, but it has brightened up my day, so much. I know that he's doing good over there and that he's missing me... Hee... What could I ask for more. Thank you dear God. :)

Summer Blog Challenge - today's prompt it asked to 'Post Photos You Took That You're Proud Of'. Haha. I love this topic because it means that more photos, less words. Wink2... Ahahaha. (Vera, so lazy ha you...). Hehe. I was looking for photos from all over possible picture folders that I could ok. That's no lazy ! Haha (defending!). :p Ok2, let's begin with the photos that I felt proud which bring meaningful memories to me, at the same time. ;) Oopss... Btw, there are 12 photos overall. *grin* If you felt it kind of taking too much time to scroll down and read everything, it's ok, you can just give them a short glimpse, ok. Hahah ^^

Title: Dear  Sistas!

This is the first picture that I would like to post. Have posted this before but it should be OK to post it for second time right? Hahaa. I took this picture by using my Nokia Phone Camera, and the two sweet girls are my lovely sisters. The little one, she's a camera freak ok. Hahaha (!). Captured around 2010, at our paddy farm in Ranau, Sabah. :)

The Prisoner's Wall Note of Penang Alcatraz

This second picture was taken somewhere in November 2010, in Jerejak Island, Penang, Malaysia. We were having our Catholic Undergraduate Society Annual Outing in this island, which is also known as the 'Penang Alcatraz of Malaysia'. The image in the picture is a part from the wall of the old prison building in Jerejak. This note was written by one of the prisoners (unknown) in the place at that time. :) - Sony Ericson Phone Camera.

The Pathway I

This 3rd picture is featuring a walking pathway in our university, and this is one of my favorite pathways. It leads to Subaidah Cafe (again my favorite cafe too..hehe) and the old Student Center Office. While I was still one of the members of the Student Representative Council, I used to walk through here almost everyday. It's such a meaningful place. :) Is it looked nice? I was trying my best to capture this picture in balance at that time. Hahaha. :p

The Pathway II

If the previous one is my most favorite pathway, this one is the second most favorite. Hehe. This one is located in my faculty, School of Languages, Literacies & Translations. I used to run on this most of the time, especially whenever I was late for classes. Haha =)

Siva Covered By The Five Snakes

OK, this picture has also made me proud. I took this picture during a short visit to Penang Botanical Garden. Common name is Cannon Ball Flower. One of my colleagues said that this flower is also called as 'Siva Covered By Five Snakes' (see, there are five petals for each of this flower). This flower is very significance to the religious belief of Hinduism. I'm proud that I got the chance to capture such a beauty! ;)

The Roller Coaster - Dream Comes True!

The 6th picture is the image of the Roller Coaster in Genting Highland Malaysia. This picture made me proud too because for the first time in my life, I got the chance to ride this fast-moving object. I was trembling minutes before stepping inside it, but I made it. Muahaha. Took this picture while waiting for our group turn to ride on it. ^^

Raisya At The Waterfall

Owh yeah, beautiful hot lady (!). Hahaha. She's Raisya. I took this picture during an outing organized by USM Photography Club to Penang Botanical Garden (again, haha). They were having shooting training session and she was one of the models. What made me proud? Well actually, I'm proud because although I do not have my own DSLR camera, I still can capture good pictures for her. I told you, I was just using a compact camera, my only one, beloved Fujifilm Finepix JV200. Haha. :p

The Grayscale Side

And again, one more beautiful lady (I forget her name..huhu). She is also one of the models of the day. She had such a natural beauty that I could not help, not to take a lot of pictures of her. Hahaha. This picture was taken in candid, as she did not realize it. Ahaha. I must say my thankfulness to the club for giving me such opportunities to learn about photography skills and to these two sweet ladies too.. Haha ^^

The First and The Last

Owh, now is a picture of food. What made me proud of it? Well, this was the first clay-pot fried rice that I've ever ate in Penang. Haha. I got stomache after eating it, I guessed I'm not really suit to this kind of food. But it tasted good anyway. :)

I Want Your Heart Amongst Those Hearts

Yeah, the 10th picture! This picture is one of my meaningful photos collection. Hehe. I took this while doing my Industrial Training in Forest Research Centre, Sandakan, Sabah. I felt proud (haha!) when my supervisor asked the staffs, who have taken the picture of the yelow heart-shaped plant. Hehe... at first I felt worried but I was in much relief when she said that it's a nice picture and somehow creates a sentimental value to her. ^_^

Little Joyful Smiles

This 11th picture was taken in Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok, Sabah. I saw these two sweet little girls were playing with the Buggy Cars and they are so cute ! I started to take their pictures, and I was so amazed that they responded to my 'click'. Hahaha. Amongst all the pictures, this is my most favorite and proud. Hoho. It's great to capture such joyful moments!

Spending All My Time Loving You

And this is the last picture that has made me proud. I took this by using my Fujifilm Finepix JV200, and can you guess whose fingers in there? Heehe.. :p I sent this to Golum and all he said was 'not bad'. I was upset, demanding for more comments (actually for complimentary words... hehe) but all he did was letting me bubbling around. *sigh*. But, it was nothing compared to what I saw in his phone later on. This picture is listed in his phone wallpapers gallery, together with his fav football wallpapers. Wohoo. Until now, I'm still pretending that I did not know that. (evil smile)..

That's all for today's prompt. 12 photos, different stories and different values in each of it. I'm not really good in photography but I know every picture has its own story to tell, and I'm proud that I have been able to get the chance to 'capture' that 'stories and its moments' in a piece of photo. ^^

Till we meet again, thanks for stopping by and reading, and have a good day! Loveyaa.. xoxo..

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Kandi said...

Love the photos!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I feel like we went on a journey together. Such a gorgeous place and so very different from Bakersfield, California. I also think its weird I made myself choose ONE photo instead of a selection. :~)

Grateful to have followed you over here from Summer Blog Challenge!!

If you would like to see my photo, visit here!

Beck said...

Your pictures tell a wonderful story about you. I loved looking at them.

Shayla Burks said...

What great photos. Thanks for sharing!

Shai Smith said...

I love your photos! I think it's awesome that you only have a little Fuji! ♥

Hardly Awkward said...

You take beautiful photos! I loved viewing them and reading about each one!

Kendall said...

Wow, your pictures are AMAZING.

Erin said...

Omgosh! You have amazing photos!

Jennifer Cluff said...

Beautiful pictures... all of them! I have so tried to get pictures of roller coasters when my son is on them... no luck - always blurry... what a crystal clear shot you got! Thanks so much for sharing :)

FirstTimeMom MN said...

Love the pictures!

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