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SBC Day 16: Fitness Guru (?) Couch Potato (?) O.O

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Anyeonghaseyo! ;) How Ya Doing Today, Apa Khabar?

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 16 prompt is 'Fitness Guru or Couch Potato? Talk About Your Fitness Habit'. Haah, for this topic, I have a confession to be made in here. >_< I'm not a fitness expert and the worst thing is that, this is my FIRST time of hearing and knowing about the existence of 'Fitness Guru' and 'Couch Potato'. (What a shame huh, blushing, blushing...). If it's not because of SBC, I probably won't ever know about them. Muahaha. #Laugh on myself#. Glad that Mr Google have always been there, so I could 'ask' him about 'Fitness Guru' and 'Couch Potato'. :p So, Mr Google showed me this as his answer. Hohoho.

A 'Fitness Guru' (Haha) - accs. photo: Being Beuty (Facebook)

A 'Coach Potato' (haha!) - accs photo:

To say which side I'm in, I'm actually not very sure. Hahaha. I do fitness trainings, but not so much. To say I'm a Couch Potato, I do love the time that I got to spend in front of the television, watching my favourite channels and dramas, or other things that did not require me to move a lot (such as sleeping..hehe), but I won't be doing it for every day! Will only get headache. Huhu. :s However, I'm pretty sure that most of us, would want to be closer with the Fitness Guru Side, don't you? (haha). Because, we want to be healthy and yes, healthier! Haha :p

However, I still want, and would like to share to you about my fitness habit then. Haha. I have Six Ways in doing my fitness habit (based on my current living style as a student in USM). They are very simple one, but I hope it could be useful to you too. Ok. ^_^

always love to be in somewhere green! ;)
accs. photo:

1st - I do jogging in every weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Usually I will do this in the evening where I will jog around the university, or if I'm a bit lazy on that day, (haha), I will go to the stadium and have my jog around the field. 5 - 6 rounds usually would make it for me. If I could not make it in the evening because of some matters coming up, I will do it in the early morning. While jogging, it doesn't mean that we have to run all the time. We shouldn't push ourself too much if we started to get tired. Our exercises are not meant to torture ourself. :) But, jogging can be boring sometimes. Put some musics on or invite friends to jog along with us can really help to make the jogging more exciting. :)

let's go cycling! accs. photo:

2nd - I do cycling. I love cycling so much. The sad part is that I don't have one bicycle of my own. *Sob2*. Hahah. Sometimes, as I said jogging can be boring. Cycling is one of the options that I use to practice my  fitness habit in the weekend. I found that It's fun to ride it around the university and then trying hard to climb any hills area. Haha! I'm challenged, but it made me satisfied. It is said that cycling not only can help in maintaining our health and stamina, but it also can help in building a good body shape, a good way to flatten our tummy, and increasing the ability of sexual drive, both men and women. No believe, should try it! :p Hahaa.

have freedom in your dance movement! ;)

3rd - Dancing! I'm not a very good dancer, but whenever I hear musics, I would automatically get this imagination in my head - I wanna dance! and dance again! Haha. Usually, I do this in my room because I'm a bit shy to do it publicly, unless there are few friends are doing it together with me. Hoho. We can find a lot of Fitness Dance videos with full workout or just demonstration of steps from internet (mostly available in YouTube), and you can download whichever videos that are suitable to your needs and interests. For me, I prefer Hip Hop music, fitness dance for kardio and the Zumba dance. Dancing can give us the feeling of fullness and freedom. It's like we're releasing something from ourself such as the feeling of tenses and anger. Aerobic offered many easy steps to refer to, in case we might want to create our own dance steps. What's there to wait for? Let's dance now! ;p

me, during our one-day hiking trip to Kerachut Beach, Penang National Park
photo courtesy: Elizabeth (Facebook)

4th - Walking! Is this considered as a fitness habit? Definitely! Aside of jogging, walking can also help in maintaining our stamina and health. I remembered once I went to a clinic and I saw a poster, showing information about walking. It said that walking 10 000 steps per day can reduce our risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes. How far is 10 000 steps? It is approximately 8 kilometers, which is equal to 1 hour and 40 minutes of walking. But the figures may vary according to stride length and walking speed. I know, 10 000 steps per day may sounded impossible to some of us (even me) 'cause we might start to think, where else could we go to ensure that we could really get that 8 kilometers of walking? Haha. Plus, I might have this thought that, I could do many things more within that 1 hour and 40 minutes! :p But, we can achieve this if we really want to, right (?). Maybe not everyday, try to find a day to go out for a hiking or just walking around our places of living and set the duration of walking to two hours. I went hiking with few friends last month, and it felt so wonderful. Consider to walk more in the park, as the nature can give us more freshness feeling. ;)

be choosy, sometimes is not a wrong thing to do. :)

5th - I must know what I eat ! Maybe this sounded like a 'diet', but it's not. I do not diet. I eat everything that I wanted to eat. Hehe. But, I'll make sure that I do not 'overdose' in taking them into my stomach. It's about taking care the inside, inner part of our body. Have you tried eating instant noodles for three days continuously? I tell ya', DON'T ever try it! I've experienced the effects before, and it was awful. Not only you fall in sick because of it, but you could also be smelled like the noodles! >_< Some junk foods are nice to eat, but be choosy in eating them. ;) And do not ever do exercise or fitness training  while your stomach is empty! You need energy to do your moves, whatever moves. Eat something. It is better if we could check on first the ingredients of the foods that we are planning to eat. Some chemical ingredients are harmful to human body, try not to consume them regularly. ;)

during our morning walk to Youth Park, Penang. Can you guess which one is me? ;)
accs. photo: Helen Lee (Facebook)

6th - Drink a lot of water! As we know it, it's suggested that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, which is equal to 1.9 - 2.0 liters. I'm easily dehydrated since I'm living here in Penang for my undergraduate studies, might be due to the hot weather of this state, so I would make sure that I got my water toddler be filled and is with me wherever I go. Sometimes I forgot, but I would try to find and drink water somewhere such as from nearby cafe. Water is very important to sustain our brain functions and its connection to the whole body. It's the main medium to deliver the oxygen which is crucial to the human respiratory system. Not enough water in our body would affect the oxygen delivery quality, thus would cause the brain to be less fit and work slower. Can we do the other 5 ways above if we are in such a weak condition? We may could not even doing one. So, drink now, practice next, OK. Haha.. ;)

That's all for today! I'm not an expert of this kind of topic, 'cause I can get sick too what. Hehe.. Now I'm having headache because of trying to share whatever I know about this topic, as 'expertly' as I can. Muahaha. (Big laugh). But still, I hope it somehow, some ways, would be useful to you too. Enjoy your fitness training and have fun of being in love with your health (!). ;)

Never hurry. Take plenty of exercise. Always be cheerful. Take all the sleep you need. You may expect to be well
~ James Freeman Clarke ~

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Till we meet again.. Loveyaaa... xoxo... 

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You have so many interests and varied activities! I enjoyed reading your post today, and look forward to reading more during the Summer Blog Challenge.

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