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SBC Day 17: Personality Proudness (?) Haha

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Hye Dear Worldians! How Ya Doing? ;)

Summer Blog Challenge - Today's prompt (17 June) is 'Three Things You Are Proud of About Your Personality'. At the first, I'm a bit reluctant to write about this because of some situations coming up, but I know, whatever situations I'm in, I should always try to cherish myself and appreciate myself for who I am. ^^ So, kick aside those who'd made me felt worse, kick away whatever problems, hit far those miserable things to think and now, let's begin with the three things that I'm proud about my personality. Ok. Wink2.. Hahaha. 

~ I'm a Creative Person ~

Hahaha... I can relate this to myself. When it comes to creative thinking, I can do well and I can list down many ideas having to do with creative works. I'm happy that I can use this during any brainstorming sessions or discussion groups because I can use it to contribute ideas to the discussion. I can give my opinions about art (if I'm asked to, haha) and I can see deeper towards someone's art work and how it defines his/her life and personality. This help me a lot too in my study. I can see what can I do in order to learn something, not just by listening to the lecturers and writing down notes. I use my creativity to explore what's in their thoughts and what could possibly asked by them during exams. In short way, I use this creativity to shape my room of learning, to make it more interesting and attractive to be inside. In traditional art, I learn fast in making bead accessories on to the clothes and I have the tendency to modify used things into something new and useful for different purposes.

~ I'm A Positive-Thinking Person ~

peace! :p

Maybe, not that 'Positive' (laugh) but I know that I can count myself into this. Since my childhood, I always been in the position where I could not see the negative side of others although I can see how badly they behave. I comes out with the thought that there must be something that have caused them to be like that. No matter how bad someone, I can always see that there's a bright thing inside him/her. That made me to not be able to hate someone so easily. I can get angry, but with the time passed by, I would forget. :) When it comes to problems, I always tell myself not to think too much about them. Instead, I think about them, in this way: Everything is beautiful in its time. This time, I may encounters sufferings, hatred, disappointments and sadness, but in the future, I'm positive that there would be a time where I can smile back to all the gloomy days that I have faced in my life. :)

~ I Learn Fast In Cooking ~

hey, don't disturb me while I'm cooking! haha :p Love to cook, love to eat. That's me. Muahaha.

Muahaha... This may sounded very common to some of us. Everyone will learn to cook, especially if you're going to get married soon, right (?). We will want to know, at least few recipes, and how to prepare them. Who don't want to impress someone that we love? Haha. Ok, that's another stories.. Hehe... I started to cook since I was 9 years old. I remembered that time, I was asked by my mum to cook the rice. Of course, with some teaching from her. Hahah. But I still remember what she taught me until now. After that, she started to allow me to cook few types of food, with basic ways on how to make them 'cooked'. Ahaha. By 15 years old, I could cook for the whole family already - the rice and the dishes, and while I was 18 years old, I cooked for one of my school clubs (the food was Red Fried Rice) to be sold during Co-Curriculum Day. ;)

I love to read many recipe books, and I am glad that I have my mum who owned many books of this (so I don't have to buy much). Haha. Sometimes, I'll browse through internet to find recipes for foods that have attracted my 'tongue' (where could it be?) Haha. I can be proud to say then that, most of my 'first-time trials' went on quite well and I'm so happy-happy when the person who tasted it commented that, it can be compared to the same type of food they ate in the food courts.. Well.. Hahahaha... (what the...) The problem is that, I couldn't cook much since I'm studying in university, because students are not allowed to cook in the hostel. Haizz. Haha, But sometimes, I 'stole' some times to cook anyway. Hoho. :p

That's all for today. After writing all these, now I have the 'sudden excitement' to write more, but (Vera, only three ok!).. Hahaha.. :p I guess, the more we look at the things that can make us happy (particularly ourself), the more we'll see how wonderful our life have been, and how wonderfully-made we are, right (?). These are three things that I'm proud of about myself, what's yours (?). :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading ! Till we meet again ! Loveyaa.. xoxo...

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love your energy and your "personality pride"! I bet you make people smile every single day!!!

If you want to read my personality SBC post, visit me here!

Shannon said...

I wish I learned to cook quickly! I hate cooking :)

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