Friday, 22 June 2012

SBC Day 20: The Young Child Called Bibie

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Hye ;)

I've been late for this Summer Blog Challenge for the last two days. I wasn't really well (physical, mental n emotion) and was having exam for three days continuously. :) I will post them one by one then, by today. For the Day 20 prompt, it asked to post 'Photo of You As A Young Child'. I have many of them back to my hometown in Tamparuli, Sabah, but I have none of them in my notebook. *sigh* Glad that I remember one of my cousins have tagged me in one photo, and it was the young me inside. Thank you Mey Mey! ^^ So here it is... :)

Not very clear 'though, but that's all I have at this moment. After digging through my cousin's albums in FB which is more than 30 albums =__= , I should be glad that I found it. Haaha. I used to be a bit fatter when I was a young child, but looking at this picture, seems like I haven't reached that 'time' yet. Hee... :p

Thanks for stopping by... Have nice day! :)

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