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SBC Day 22: "When I Grow Up I Want To Be..."

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Hye Dear Worldians! :)

One more late post (sigh) for Summer Blog Challenge. For this day (June 22)'s prompt, it asked about 'When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up?'. I remember, since Year 1 of Primary School, in every beginning of new academic year, our class teacher would give us our personal details file and asked us to fill up an area which was asking us what were the three professionalism fields that we wish and want to be when we grow up. For the first three years, I filled it up with these - Doctor, Teacher, Architect. What a big ambition huh? haha. But I guess, those are all the things that have helped us a lot in moving forward and strive for the best in our life. :)

Are you feeling a bit better today? :)

So yeah, I remember that I was standing in excited as the teacher asked us one by one to give our answers. "I want to be a Doctor", "Why Vera?" - "I want to help to save other people's lives, I want to help to treat and to cure those who are in pain and diseases". And my teacher gave me a warm smile - "Good intentions, Vera. I wish that you would achieve that". I remembered that I felt so enlightened, and have more spirit to study Mathematics and Science. Haha. :)
educate the young, inspire each other. :)

And then she asked again "And why you want to be a Teacher?". I simply answered "My father is a teacher. He worked far from here, in a rural area. I want to be like him. I want to help educate people regardless of their background and no matter how hard it might be". And she smiled. "Very good Vera. I'm proud to be a teacher as I heard this from you". And me, yes for sure I was enlightened again. I felt like that life is just bigger, and that I have so many things to do in the future. Wasn't it too much to say that I can't wait to grow up? (Laugh).

"Hey, I'm just thinking wouldn't it be great to add some mosaic-stained glasses decoration on the wall?"
accs photo:

Well, for the last choice, to be honest, actually I didn't know much what an architect is really doing. All I knew is that they worked on designing and constructing building. Hahaa. But I found it interesting as designing is one element in developing creativity and that the success of coming out with a completed design in a real, would be a great satisfaction. That's what I felt about it at the first. :)

"He's gonna tell us, some if not at least a bit about their King's story" :) - Teracotta, China

For the next three years, as it came to the end of my primary school period, my preference changed. The 'Architect' was out of the list already. (Grin). The place was taken by 'Archaeologist'. This was due to the additional subject I experienced while I was in Year 4 - the Local Study subject. I remembered that we were exposed to the early history of my hometown, my country and some countries. With the help of interactive learning through Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel (once in every two weeks, the teacher would bring us to the Broadcasting Room to watch the channels), I started to develop the desire of to know more about the world that I'm living now. I started to read all the encyclopedia books, and collecting many history articles. By entering Secondary School, 'Archaeologist' had become the top in my preference.

Now, can you guess what I want to be? I shall let you know about it, when I write about it someday then. :) I'm still having my passion through world history and wonders of the world but I guess it does not necessary to be achieved by must being an Archaeologist. :) There would be ways where I can use what I've learnt within my 23 years of living after this. I just do not know in what way it would be. :) To help to ease someone's pain or disease, you don't have to be a real doctor. To help educate others, you don't have to be a real teacher, same goes with architect. In some ways, we could be one when we really make use of what we had to contribute for a greater society. And that 'one' is actually what I really want to be now :)

That's all for today. ^^ Thanks for stopping by and reading. 'When You Were a Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up?' - I'm wondering now, 'What's yours?' Haha. Till we meet again. Adjaa... :)

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Savannah Cooper-Hughes said...

That's great! I love how you had so many ambitions :) And you had such a wonderful teacher to talk to you about them all!

Kendall said...

Great post :)

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