Saturday, 23 June 2012

SBC Day 23: Past Post - 'The Path of A Beauty'

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Hye all ! ;)

How ya doing today ? I'm not good. Haha. I got toothache, and it's getting worse since yesterday. (sigh). Anyway, for today's prompt (June 23) of Summer Blog Challenge, it asked about 'Favorite Blog Post You've Written Before This Challenge'. :) So here is one of my favorite posts (cause I have quite a lot actually.. hehe) that I've written before this challenge. It was titled as 'Unduk Ngadau: The Path of A Beauty'. Can click on the photo to read More ^_^ (faster, faster.. haha... :p )

or click on the title, also can actually.. haha :p

Today, I have accomplished few things. First, yes is about flight ticket back to Sabah. I'm glad that the price is still reasonable but I'm bit worried, I hope that my luggage weight won't exceed the limit. I was booking for the maximum limit already... T.T hoho...

Kota Kinabalu mare! :) (illustration purposes only)

Second, finally managed to find a temporary solution for this toothache problem. OK, I know it's temporary but it should be enough for now, at least before I'm going back to Sabah. Once I reached Ranau, I'm for sure will be going to the nearest Dental Clinic. Haah... :p

yes, for those who are still in healthy tooth condition, try maintaining it as good as you can, ok. :) don't be like me, once got the pain, only then realized about this (dush my head!) >_<
accs photo:

Anyway, one thing is still unaccomplished! It's PACKING... T.T I dislike packing! How wonderful this world if there's really a Doraemon's Magic Door... I can just put my stuffs into the other side and have my family receive it. Finally, I can just slip myself too (Free of Charge) and I also can do this ----> 'Flight Ticket'.... Well, after I finished all papers anyway... -__- (Huh, Doraemon Magic Door ?? Vera, in your dream!).. Ok2... Fine.... Hohoho... =_='

oh my.... this is 'headache'. Did it just say 'hi' to 'toothache'??? >_<

That's all for today. Till we meet again! Adjaa.... :)

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