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SBC Day 24: Let's Be Eco Friendly And Go Green!

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Yehaa, today is the Day 24 for Summer Blog Challenge and the prompt is 'Favorite Eco-Friendly Thing To Do'. To name it, actually there are many things that we could do to be more eco-friendly and living a green lifestyle (not in the term of using everything in green colour ok.. haha) but I will just share one of it in today's post then - a favorite eco-friendly thing that I would really want to do, if only I'm not away from home right now - Gardening and planting my own vegetable supplies. Haha. :D

everyone can be eco-friendly and going green! ;)

However, for now since I'm still a student and I lives in college, I couldn't do this. USM is widely-known for its motto in sustainability and we students, we are always being taught and be reminded on what we can do to contribute to the efforts of sustaining any possible resources in our place, and yes for our Mother Earth. This Earth is dying, sadly that there are still many people out there who are being so greedy and using these resources without any systematic planning to preserve it. The rainforests are getting declined year by year through active deforestation activities all over the globe. Our rivers are polluted, thus we have dangered our aquatic resources which is proved to be essential for our living. More and more garbage or trashes littered and the scary fact to know is that many of these were made of chemical materials that could only be decomposed after few decades, hundreds of years and even thousand of years to be fully decomposed. Some could never be decomposed such as plastic bottles and cans. Do we all even know that glass bottles could only be properly decomposed in 1, 000, 000 years? and the fact that the plastic bags could only be properly decomposed in 15 to 1, 000 years when thrown away?

Do you know where all your garbage goes? Garbage or trash is a major form of environment pollution these days. Each person produces about 4.3 pounds of trash a day. Many types of garbage take hundreds of years to properly decompose when thrown away.
accs photo: 'Atlantic Garbage'

About 90% of the contents of our bins could be reused or recycled. Therefore, one simple thing that we all could do to start being eco-friendly and go green is by think twice before throwing the trash into dustbin. We can reduce the use of some items, can reuse some of them like paper and cardboard and take some of them (like cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles etc) to recycle bin. I rarely printing out notes from lecturers, instead I took photos and have them moved and organized in my laptop for reading together with the notes given by the lecturer through E-Learning. If the notes are given in printed form (which usually one-sided printed), I'll be using the other side to put additional notes related with the subject. I loved with what our group for the Sustainability Project have done. Collecting used papers from student and brought them to the nearby recycle center. We were not doing it like a grand project, but I felt happy that at least I can do something for this Earth, the place where I was born and growing up. :)

I'm pretty sure, you can smile if you see this every morning, once you wake up ^^

Moving on to the favorite eco-friendly thing to do that I have mentioned earlier, which is gardening and planting own vegetables in home, I learnt this through my parent. Therefore, whenever I'm able to make it home, it is a real treat. My mum loves her garden and she has had one ever since I could remember. Our country is known for processed foods. Even if it is meant to be a whole food, we find a way to process it. I hardly deny this. (sigh). Maybe it's not too much to say that we are one of the most over fed, malnourished countries of our time and it keeps getting worse. Cancer has become one of the biggest killers in our nation. We have to ask ourself, is it what we eat that causes this? Although it's not proven much, I always believe that it is one of the factors.

Didn't each of us have learnt about this while in school? ;) Never too late to have a revise, right? :)

We people, we might say that we don't have time to be healthy, but we are in real need of to make time. If that means planting a garden or having a green room, we should do it. Buying organic nowadays is expensive. Produce in general is also expensive. But, the cost for seeds is inexpensive and it even could produce enough food for months. I strongly believe that people who don't take in fresh foods, miss out on essential vitamins such as Iodine, Vitamin D, Omega 3, Vitamin B Complex, Iron and Vitamin E. Fresh foods are including vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy. Meat and dairy might not as easy to get ahold of as a garden, but there are ways. I remembered once I followed my dad to meet a local farmer, and they had a great deal of large amounts of meat. Just make sure that we had deep freezer to keep them.

People, we are not perfect. After a while, action needs to be taken towards a healthy life. :) I will be going to share to you a lay out on an easy urban garden plan that everyone can follow. This is based on my experience of looking at how my parent did it back to our home, but I've modified them a bit based on some tips given about planting a garden that I managed to read through internet. We don't even need a horticulturist, all we need is to buy the seeds and get started! :)

    1. Start our garden small, we don't even need to go over board. We can always add on in the years to come.
    2. Find a 10 by 10 area in our home yard that has ample amount of sun light. All of our plants will need sun to grow up.
    3. After we mark out our spot, we would need to till up the area. Get someone's help if it's hard to do it alone. Usually, this kind of work can get people excited to join in. Hehe..
    4. We will have to till up about 6 inches deep. After tilling one spot, we should check the soil content.
    5. We will need the rich soil content (black and moist) for growing good produce. But, not all areas have rich soil content. Some soils are crumbly, sandy and clay-like in nature.
    6. To solve this lack of soil nutrients, we would need to create a compost. The compost should consists of bark, leaves and manure. Spread this mixture over the top of our garden; about 2 inches deep. It will mold and create fertility in the garden.
    7. Once the compost has taken affect, it's time to plant! Make sure our soil is broken up and there are no clumps.
    8. Line out our planting area. There should be a row for each vegetable.
    9. After we plant our seeds, give them a healthy dose of water. Just don't drowned them. ;) (hey, they can feel your 'love' you know... haha :p )
    10. It will take 6 - 8 weeks to see the fruit of our labor. ^_^

Now, look at some of the pictures below. Don't you think it's great? I just think that it's a real GREAT! ^_^ Remember that plastic bottles are those materials that could never be decomposed? How about of 'making' it feel as a 'useful one, instead of letting it all alone somewhere after being used, until the end of the time? :) This is also a great choice for us if we're having limited land area in our home! We could really make the difference! ;)

wow! wow! and wow again! :p accs photo:

Amazing! can get the DIY tutorial here, read more here :p

all kinds of bottles can be used for growing all kinds of plants (vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees) with a minimum use of water :)

we can do it on our own also! ^_^ accs photo:

Let's starting planting our Seeds of Hope by today! Doesn't mean you have to go somewhere and targeting a land area for you to start your garden right now, you could start 'planting' the idea now, right in your mind! and determined ourself to work on it. I still remember the feeling when I saw the seeds that I helped my mum to plant, started to grow. It is really wonderful, as if you've just been given a new hope and a new life. You no believe? start planting now! :p

That's all for today. I wish you to have a great time with your eco-friendly things-to-do and let's together be the Warriors of our Earth. Thanks for stopping by and reading! Till we meet again... Loveyaa.. xoxo.....

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Sarah @ Natures Nurture said...

What a great post, Vera! Such helpful and inspiring information :) Indeed growing our own food really is one of the most important and far-reaching things we could do to do our part and be a little more eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing!

Troy Westgate said...

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