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SBC Day 9: Worst Cooking Disaster! (Yucksss-Soup)

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Hallo Dear Worldians! Moshi2 and How Ya Doing? ;)

Summer Blog Challenge - for today's prompt (June 9), it asked me to write about Worst Cooking Disaster ever in my life (I mean so far.. hehe). To think about it, I'm quite ashamed of myself actually because I can say there are more than one cooking disasters I have experienced. Hahaha (!) Guess that I am a bad chef huh... =_=! So, my worst cooking disaster happened five years ago, while I was still in my secondary school. Something to do with soup.. (Ok, I know It's SOUP...-__-)... hehe.. :p

My aunt have just bought fishes from nearby market (Tuaran) and she asked me to cook it. At the same time, my parent and my siblings were coming back from Ranau (I lived separated at that time), and he brought along some white peppers that they planted in the farm. To make it short, I was planning to do Sour Spicy Fish Soup. I have seen my mother did it before. I just need some slices of young manggo fruit, ginger, white peppers, garlics, and some types of herbs to be cooked together with the fish.

I was trying to do something like this actually..But.. Err, Forget it.. -__-
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I did it without any supervision by my mum actually (what a mistake...), and cutting everything with the thought that as long as I have all the ingredients. Hohoo. The smells, they smelt wonderful (as the other ingredients were covering its taste, hehe) but once it finished and my mum tasted it, her eyes was rolling at me. That was the moment that I knew, something was wrong. Hahaha..

True enough, as I tasted it myself, It was very SPICY. Everything... My mum said, this - was not a Fish soup. It was a Pepper Soup.. Or to be precise, Pepper Juice.. Heheh. Imagine, how could you eat something like that? Even by hearing to its name, has made your eyes wide-opened. Hohoho..

As a consequences, that epic failed soup dish was excluded from that day's lunch. Hehehe. My mum kept it 'though and during dinner, she threw away the soup and fried the fish; before she cook it together with some sweet and sour sauce recipe made by her own. They turned delicious! Thanks Mum and Thanks God that they still can be eaten,. (well, after some modifications..) Hehehe... :p

Since then, (a highlight.. haha) I started to like preparing saucy foods.. Hehehe.. Oyster, soy, chilli, tomato, any kind of mixed saucy recipes, I could prepare it quite well as long as I got all the ingredients.. Took me years to really brave enough to cook soups again.. and since my Golumn likes soups.. Huhu.. I can say no other than...'ok, I will do that.. hee' *grin*.... (That's when Mr Google is my 'Savior').. hahaha.. :pp

That's what I can share to you about my worst cokking disaster. Hahaha... What's yours? ;)

Till we meet again, and thanks for reading! Loveyouuu.... xoxo..

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