Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge at Going Green with the Grizls

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Anyeonghaseyo Dear Worldians! Ni Men Hao Ma? Haha.

It's in the middle of the night, and I feels totally lost with all the revision notes in my notebook and on my table. Furthermore, I felt lonely as my Golumn now is away for his outstation deep in the Sepulut Forest Reserve, since four days ago - leaving me alone without someone to chat, as we always did. There's no line coverage in the area, so I would have to wait patiently for him to come out during weekend, and yes for a short phone call. Doesn't matter, time will pass. This waiting would come to an end. Right? :D

I was browsing some pages in Stumble Upon (the current application that I am addicted to..hehe), that I found some articles about overcoming feeling of loneliness (sound desperate huh? hahaha! never mind, at least I'm trying ok.. haha) and one of the tips is saying something about writing and blogging. I do have blog but recently, I found my posts are kinda overwhelmed with personal feelings, and I really do not like it (Dislike2). I wanted it to be filled with something that could make me feels alive and appreciate myself for who I am. I decided to find something about Blogging and I found this Summer Blog Challenge at Going Green with the Grizls. I've done one blog challenge before named 30 Days Blog Challenge but this one, would be bit longer (the days) and I expected its topics would be more exciting. Muahaha. See the button ^_^

Well actually, I have been left behind for one week and one day for this challenge but never mind, I will try to fulfill it, as best as I could. Hahaha (!). Somehow, I am happy that I have something to fill up my time aside of doing my revision for the last examination papers, starting next week. Hahaha (!). Exam is coming very near but I'm still spending time for blogging??? Well, what can I do when only through writing I could get satisfaction (for now..). Haha..

I will cover the challenges that I have missed in the next post k. In the meantime, If you are interesting to join this, can click on the button and you'll be directed to Going Green with the Grizls website and the post about this Summer Blog Challenge. I told you, it's a simple website but very aspiring, and they are sweet family too. Hahaha.

Wait.. Malaysia is not experiencing four seasons, what the heck  am I doing of participating 'Summer Blog Challenge'..??? Hahahaha... Guess that, it's the power and the desire of writing and sharing.. hehehe. Till we meet again and thanks for reading (!).

Muaaaah... xoxo.. :p

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