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Summer Blog Challenge Day 1 - 8

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Hallo Worldians! ^_^ Okay, here is the Starting Point. Haha. Have Fun (!)

June 1 - Why Are You Doing This Challenge

Haha... If you happened to read my very first post related with Summer Blog Challenge at Going Green with the Grizls, you'll know why I am doing this challenge. But, let me just tell it again k. ^_^. First, I wanted to post something to TMOD that is not really about personal feelings and problems or talking about other people, as TMOD is overwhelmed with it recently.. Poor my blog.. Hee... Second, I want to fill up my time with something else which can overcome the loneliness feeling I felt recently *sigh*. And third, surely to keep TMOD alive, and myself as well - one post at least, for each day, I will still be happy ^_^.. and lastly, since my academic session would finish at the end of this month, I would have a long 'holiday' after that. I must have something to keep TMOD be filled, and yes, something for me to do.. Hehehe.. ;)
June 2 - Post A Picture of You Smiling

Hahaha... Ok, picture can say thousand words right. Let's make it just that way.. Hehe.. taraa..

June 3 - 15 Interesting Things About Yourself

Hehe.. I guess you can read this in HERE. Hahaha... They are 15 facts about me but maybe (Maybe) they are interesting too.. Muahaha... (Vera, you must be lazy to write right?? hua3)...

June 4 - Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Ehehehe.. (Once again), you can read about this in HERE. (Lazy again!) What lazy? I'm just happened to write about it before what... hehehe... wink2...

June 5 - Short Term Goals For This Month and Why Those Goals

Hhahahah.. OK2, this one I never wrote before so I must write it in here then. hee ;p To think about it, I just have two goals for this month: First, I wanted to finish all the examination papers as best as I could no matter what has happened to me throughout this semester and my three years in USM. I am just be going to give my best shoot for every subject although my results may not as excellence as the others. Yeah, FINAL, I count on you. :) Second, is to have my weight get back to 50kg. Hehehehe.. My current weight is 53 kg, and I appears slim-still in front of my friends but I just want to make it a bit less. Hahaha.. -__- Kuang3..

June 6 - Nicknames You Have and Why You Have Them

Hurmm... Took me for a while to answer this.. hehe... Ok, my common nickname is Vera, shortened from my full name Veraneeta. This is widely used by friends in USM. Why? I guess it's very simple, from my full name, you can guess why it's 'Vera'. Hahaha.. :p

However, back to my hometown in Sabah, Borneo (Tamparuli/Ranau), my friends used to call me 'Bibie' or 'Bie'. Hahaha.. Why? When my mum gave birth of me (I am the eldest child), my parent called me 'Baby, Baby'. well, I guess it maybe because I'm their first baby at that time.. hehe.. Slowly, it changed into Bibie and Bie... hahaha.. ;)

One more nickname is 'Ver'. This is usually used by someone who have just met me for the first time. After sometime, I found that they would change it into Vera... Hahaha.. guess that 'Vera' sound is more sweet..?? hahaxx.... -__- Joke2... And there's a traditional nickname given to me by my family, but this one is strictly being used by my parent only. I couldn't tell you what it is.. It's just part of the custom.. :)

June 7 - Picture of Something That Makes You Happy

Ok, actually there are many pictures in my keeping that could make me happy but for this moment, this picture somehow convey the feeling. Hehehe... It's the picture of a forest with the Mountain Kinabalu in behind. I love nature, and there's so much to learn from it. Forest is wild, but it would always be able to give something to the place where it belongs. I wanted to be like that. No matter how hard my life is, I would make sure that I could contribute something to my family, to those I loved and to those who are in needs. :)

June 8 - Not Including Blogging, Your Favourite Guilty Pleasure

Hahahaha... woahh.. seems like there are quite a lot to list down huh... hehehe... Ok2, Must admit.. It's my favourite to watch documentary videos for hours in Vimeo and Disclose TV. Hehehe.... Sometimes, I could sit for the whole day just to watch those amazing videos in there., forgetting everything, forgetting my need-to washed clothes, forgetting my lunchs, dinners and even my mr boyfriend.. *sigh*. ..

It's my favourite too, to watch certain cartoon series.. most favorite one is Pokemon. Hehehe... I'm addicted with all the pokemons, and yes I am always waiting for Pikachu's action.. (although the only words it can utters are 'pika..', 'pikachu..' and 'pi..'...) Hahahaha.... ;p

Last but not least, eating McD Doublecheese Burger.... Muahahaha... I'm always craving for it... haizz... Whenever I step inside any McD outlets, I will tell myself that I should try the other menus, but once I step out, still.... Doublecheese Burger meal is in the package. Haahaha... yummyy... :p

Well, That's all for the Day 1 - 8 (June 1 - 8) prompts of my Summer Blog Challenge... Hehehe... Thanks for reading, Loveyouuu.. Hahaha ^_^

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