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Summer Blog Challenge Prompts

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Hye Dear Friends! ;)

Here is the list of all the prompts for the Summer Blog Challenge at Going Green with the Grizls. As you can see, the prompts are not completed yet as it will be weekly given by The Grizls, until its last day, 31st August 2012 (91 DAYS). You can click on each one to see the post I made for that day's prompt, ok. Hahaha. Please note that for June 1 - 8, I covered them all in one single post because I am left behind about one week and one day already when I started this challenge. Hehehe... Just Click on the Day to view specific post for that day.... Happy read ^_^

Day 01 - Why are You Doing This Challenge?
Day 02 - Post A Picture of You Smiling
Day 03 - 15 Interesting Things About Yourself
Day 04 - Meaning Behind Your Blog Name
Day 05 - Short Term Goals for This Month and Why Those Goals
Day 06 - Nicknames You Have and Why You Have Them
Day 07 - Picture of Something That Makes You Happy

Day 08 - Not Including Blogging ;) Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure
Day 09 - Your Worst Cooking Disaster
Day 10 - Cost Aside, Famous Art Piece You would Have in Your Home
Day 11 - Best Day of Your Life
Day 12 - Worst Injury You've Had and How It Happened
Day 13 - How You See Yourself by the End of the Year?
Day 14 - Give Your Followers 15 Tips To Get Through Life

Day 15 - Post A Photo You Took That You're Proud Of
Day 16 - Fitness Guru or Couch Potato? Talk About Your Fitness Habit
Day 17 - 3 Things You're Proud Of About Your Personality
Day 18 - A Recipe You Love
Day 19 - Something You're Proud Of From The Last Few Days
Day 20 - Photo Of You As A Young Child
Day 21 - Most Recent Words Of Wisdom You Heard That Stuck With You

Day 22 - When You Were Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
Day 23 - Favorite Blog Post You've Written Before This Challenge
Day 24 - Favorite Eco-Friendly Thing To Do
Day 25 - Ideal Day of 'Me Time'
Day 26 - What Does Your Significant Other Do That Makes Your Heart Melts?
Day 27 - What's The Best Gift You've Ever Received?
Day 28 - How Do You Do Your Laundry? Give Your Laundry Tricks

Day 29 - Write A 'How To' Post
Day 30 - Post A Photo Of An Outfit That Either Is Your Style/Wish Was Your Style
Day 31 - Talk About Something Eco-Friendly That You Already Do
Day 32 - Share A Poem You've Written or Just One You Like
Day 33 - Travel and Plans You Have For Summer
Day 34 - It's 'Independence Day', You're 'Free' To Post Whatever You Want
Day 35 - Talk About A Fear You Have

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