Monday, 3 September 2012

~ Coming Back ~

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Hye Dear Worldians, How Ya Doing? ^^

Kesian to my TMOD, so long haven't been updated. Hohoho... :s Guess that since be back to Sabah, I did not able to go online as there's no internet connection in our village, and my broadband is unavailable to be used in the moment. Will settle it by this week (Hope so! haha)...

How's life everyone ? I'm terribly sorry for the Summer Blog Challenge... I didn't manage to complete the challenge based on the dates given and the prompts for each of it. But... I will go on with the prompts, and use them as topics for 'story-mory' in TMOD later.. Boleh ba tu kan Jo ? hahaha.... :p For today (as I have very limited time to online) I will just share to you what has happened in my life for more than one month had been gone. Ok ? ;)

Firstly, while waiting for my convocation day on 19th September 2012 (9AM), I was helping my school for a research work - distributing surveys and conducted interviews with some of the respondents in order to fulfill the requirement of the survey. I did this in three places - Politeknik Sandakan, Maktab Kent and SMK Badin Tuaran... I had 75 surveys to be finished and I had to submit what I've got by this week. Hoho... Anyway, it's ok, as long as I enjoyed it and it will be rewarded too actually. Thanks God... :)

Now, I had to get myself be ready for my convocation day... I think it's gonna be a simple convo for me, as my parents did not able to come but I understand it... The cost would be high. My sister might be coming if she's allowed by her school to have a leave during lecture time. Friends ? I do not know how many would turn up on that day.... Those that I once felt closer more than anyone else does in USM, now had become some kind of 'strangers'... Maybe... That's all I could say... :) But it's ok then, if there's few I met in coincidence on that day, I promise I'll try hard to share the joy.... :) That is why, I am not really excited in the photoshoot package or whatever convo package that comes along with the USM letter I received last week... Because I don't really had some for that purpose...

After my convocation, I'll have important mission for my family and for my life... Now I realized the 'weight'... I begin to understand the true meaning of little joy.... I had less, but as long as I'm happy with it... Nothing can compare.... :) For Golum, we had important mission too rite... hahaha... I might be young but I want to do the best I could do for it... Your presence strengthens me.... and I'm much grateful to God that He brought me to you... 25th May 2011... Would be remembered for my whole life... Let's pray that we would be able to do what we had planned ya... Adjaa.. haha :)

Hurm... Think that's all for today... Btw, I've accomplished few targets that I've mentioned in one of my posts in SBC earlier on. Hahahha... I'm proud that I've learnt how to do some raya biscuits such as Makmur and Batang Buruk, and managed to give some to my family members in Tamparuli and also Golum's family in Ranau. Glad that he likes it as they are his favourite raya biscuits. ^^ Now  I want to learn on how to do the Ulat Bulu biscuits.... Hopefully before this year ends.... oh, and Cake too... Ahaha.. ^^

Just be back from Golum's house in his village in Ranau... It's a memorable 6 Days trip, as I had the chance to see his youngest sister got engaged with a nice guy from Kota Belud... ^^ Congratulation to both of them.... And I'm happy that I managed to help in some ways, not much but as long as he is there, I felt stronger... There was time that we had a fight, but I'm thankful to him for being patient with me.... Thanks dear... ! :)

p/s: I am afraid of flowing water such as river before, but now I love to be in the water.... haha. Kumokodou River has kept some lovely memories ^^ I wish I could come again Kumokodou !

Till we meet again..... Have good Spetember month everyone ^^ Adjaa :)

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