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"Rest In Peace, Gorongit"

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The moment I'm writing this, I'm actually still overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness over the loss of our beloved cat in home, Gorongit... We had three cats in our home, but now, none of them are with us... Within two weeks, we'd lose them all... :( Gorongit was the last one...

I was very close with this cat named Gorongit, as I felt a special bonding with her the moment she arrived at our home in Kosusu, Tamparuli.  My brother, Ekko was actually the one who brought Gorongit home (at Ranau); he took it from his hostel. He said, the mother of the kittens have gone missing for days, so he and his other two friends adopted the little kittens, where he chose Gorongit amongst them.

He named it Gorongit because the moment she stepped onto our home in Ranau, she didn't able to adapt really well with the other two cats. Plus, if somebody lifted up her body, she would 'meow-ing' like an 'angry bird'. Gorongit is a noun, from Dusun Language, means 'easy to get angry' or  in Malay means 'pemarah/garang'. But actually, most of the time, she was the most friendly and tame one.

she used to sleep like this, always..

She was just 4 months old, it was such a hard moment for me to seeing her in so much pain. I remember, two days after the 2nd cat died, she started to act 'lazy' which for cats it simply means 'sleeping all the time'. I have suspected something when she wasn't there noising around while we were eating. At that night, only then she was going into the kitchen, looking for foods and some water. I prepared her food n drink, but to my surprise, she ate very little. :(

some of my playing moments with her..

That morning, while sweeping the house, I spotted some kind of yellowish-white liquid on the floor; before I realised the existence of thin-long white worm - about two. I knew this, I've seen it before. This was the same thing happened before the death of the other two previous cats in our home. I rushed to mum, and told her about it. She sighed, 'if this thing happened, there's no hope for Gorongit anymore'. Heard that, I felt want to cry. I Googled about this, and there were some posts mentioning about toxocara plasmosis worm infection in cats. This disease can be easily transmitted between cats, mainly for cats living together in a house. If the cat started to vomit these worms out, it means that these worms has spreading into the cat's lung system. The moment I read about it, I can't stop my tears... I was looking at Gorongit...

me and gorongit..

All I can think about at that time is to do everything I could to cure her. I told my mother that I'm going to bring Gorongit to the Animal Welfare and Health Department for some medical treatment, located in the Town of Ranau. She insisted on I don't have to go since it's hard to get transportation back and to the town from our village. But I couldn't stand of doing nothing... I managed to follow a villager who happened to go down to the town at that time, he even sent me to the department. Gorongit was given two injections. When I asked the veterinar, about the possibility rate for her to be healed, he said it would take about 2 - 3 days to know, but he told me to get ready for other possibilities, including death.

After the injection, Gorongit sat still and with her big - rounded eyes, looking at the veterinar. She acted so cute, that the veterinar laughed and gently caressing her furs on the back. Honestly, deep in my heart, I do really hoped that she'll be fine....

Next day, we all were curious to see how's she going. She always went out for drink but still did not want to eat anything. I began to feel that she's actually still in so much pain... I started to wonder, does the injections will really help... Night coming and she was sleeping all the time, in the unusual position which told me that she might feel uncomfortable somewhere.
she knew when she was spotted in camera..

Next day, she went out of the house early in the morning and let the rays of the sunrise fell on her. I called for her, but clearly she had become weaker than before. I brought her inside, and let her sleep. In the afternoon, she woke up and slowly made her way to the kitchen. But, she fell at the door of our room. I knew she wanted to drink so I prepared some. I tried to give her foods but still, she didn't want to eat. Feeling sad about her situation, I went into the kitchen. Then I heard my sister called me that Gorongit has started to walk again. I came outside, and I saw how she tried to wake up every time she fell. Whenever she fell, I called her over and over again, and I could see how hard she tried to response towards my callings. She managed to reach my hand at the kitchen and she fell again..

At noon, after 2PM, usually I would take some nap for rest. My current condition has made me felt easily getting tired and queasy most of the time. I asked my sister about Gorongit's whereabouts and she said Gorongit is still in the kitchen. I told my sister to get her, to sleep with me..

That time, I realised that Gorongit was seriously ill already. I could see some liquid-mucus-look flowing from her nose and her breathing was unstable. Slowly caressing her back, I fell to sleep. It was already 1 hour and  a half when I could feel something sharp on my knee. It was her legs moving which caused its nail forced a bit onto my skin. Quickly I woke up and looked at her eyes. I could see so much pain in there, and there were so many colorless liquid flowing down from her nose, which made the mattress wet. I did not know why but it feels like the 'last time'... I said to her "It's ok Gorongit, go.. go in peace.. You've been strong and will always be... We know, you've tried your best.. ok.. I love you so much..." <-- yes, this may sound funny, but I did it.

the small 'dot' near to her nose made from little group of black-colored furs.. her uniqueness

Seconds after I said that, she released few hard loud breaths before I saw her stomach wasn't moving anymore, indicated that she wasn't breathing anymore. I watched with tears as all the beatings went out and gone. Gorongit wasn't with me anymore, she won't be running around the house anymore and playing with us. We've lose her noisy meow, which we'll really miss... 

It's hard for me to forget this cat because she'd always been there, sleeping with me.. and in the nights, when I cried, she was the one I hugged in my arms. Sometimes, she was awakened by my cries that she would stare at me with that big-rounded eyes of her, as if she tried to entertain me.. and as if she saw my sadness...

Gorongit, thanks for the short moments we shared... Thanks for showing me your 'struggle' to react to my callings... It was such a lesson, and I would never forget about it for the rest of my life...
will always be in memory..

P/s: She died on Sunday, 13th of January at 5:45PM. At that night on Monday after we buried her, I dreamnt that she has started to eat again, somewhere but I did not know the place. Can you imagine, how happy and relief I was after I saw it ??


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