Saturday, 27 April 2013

TMOD's New Header!

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Hi Ha Ho Worldians? How Ya Doing? ;)

Feels like I've abandoned TMOD for a long long years. Hahaha... Well actually, I do check regularly but it's just for some stuffs like recent posts from my blogger friends and reading comments in my posts. Sometimes, when I was stucked onto particular blogs, which attracted my attention (because of their creativity in editing and designing their blogs or websites), I would search and browse through about those 'attractiveness' and tried to apply it into my vvery own blog. So you could assume that I've been spending a lot of time in this  blog tool thingy actually... Muahaha...

Today, just want to write and to share something short in TMOD. If only you know, I've been trying hard to change my blog header for so long. I found out that transparent header would work much better in our blog, as the border won't be visible, thus it can suits whatever blog templates we are currently using. But...There is a but, some blog templates doesn't provide us a plain area just for header, eg: if the given header width in the blog template is 920px, we couldn't assume that a 920px width header image would fit it perfectly. This problem applies to my current blog templates. I found out that although my header image's width is equal to the header width code in the blog template, whenever I uploaded it, it won't show all parts of my header image.

It caused by the template code itself. It was created with some specification, including image for the header and usually, the image code is separated from the blog title...  This means, when we uploaded our own header, it only covers the 'blog title & blog description' area, not the whole header. We may find some of our header area was missing. What a headache we'll be having, isn't it? -_- However, patience and learning does trully made the difference. ^^ I wanted to create a transparent header but I do not own a PhotoShop software..tsk..tsk.. Thanks to Google that it shows me this way via ''. I tell you, it's really a great online photo editor software. I am encouraging you to make us of it too. I created my transparent header in there.
So yup, this is my new header. How do you find it? Is it cute? Muahaha... Ok, Not so pretty though, but I'm happy that finally it suits my blog perfectly. But... (again, a 'but'), I'm still thinking on having a header, designed by someone else... I've identified a designer to do it for me, but haven't got the time to make the 'real deal'. Hehehe... We'll see okay..

Think that's all for now... Till we meet again... Love za... Muaah... ^_^

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