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Anyeonghaseyo Worldians! How are you doing? Welcome to my blog. Here's a little biography about the Witch Vera. Haha. Learn and get to know more of me in here :D

The given name is Veraneeta Dumat  , prefer to be called as Vera or Ivie. She is Currently 24 this year and will blow the increasing number of candles on 9th May 1989. Have just graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM Main Campus) on 19 September 2012, specified in BA (Hons.) English for Professionals  from the School of Languages, Literacies & Translations (SoLLaT) with minor in Archaeology Studies at Global Archaelogical Research Centre (PPAG), USM. She is not too small and too big with weight only 53kg and height of 163cm.

I come from Sabah. Currently I live in Sandakan as my hubby is working here. I was born at my mother's hometown of Tamparuli. However, Ranau can also be considered as my hometown because my father was born in there. Furthermore, my whole family is living in this district (for now) as my father work as a teacher in a primary school, located in this district of Ranau. I'm the eldest child in my family. I have three sisters, and two brothers just behind me. I'm still trying to establish myself for my career path, pray for me kay.. ^^

• 'Cuti-cuti Malaysia' with her Hubby a.k.a Boyfriend • Blogging • Taking photos and editing as well! haha • Watching movies especially fiction, fantasy and horror • Go window shopping • Editing blog • Bakuteh, Saucy Foods, Vegetables • Pokemon, Monkeys, Dogs • Reading Novel (Real Freak, hehe) •

• Haters • Backstabber • Snakes • Snobbers • Hypocrite • Busy Body • Liars

• Gadgets • Blouses • Nail Polishes • Beads • Earings • Cute Accessories

• Shy • Do not talk much • Love to smile • Humble and Ordinary • Impatient • Sensitive • A mom for an adorable children to be • A wife to a loving and kind-hearted husband • A hard working worker to be • Addicted to photo-video-graphy • A cheeky and stubborn daughter 

• Religion • Family • Love • Bff • Education • Money • Phone • Notebook • Camera Nikon • Broadband Modem • Fujifilm JV200 Camera •

• My mum home made foods • Yam Ice Cream • Fried Rice of My Brothers • McD Doublecheese Burger • Chicken Porridge McD • Kentucky Fries Chicken Spicy • Bakuteh • My Love's Cookings • Village-style foods from my dad • Mee Soup • Tuaran Mee • Cheese Cakes • Egg Tarts • Saucy Foods •

• Lemon Tea • Teh O / Teh & Milk • Soya Bean • Crysanthemun Tea • Mango Juice • Carrot Milk Juice • Iced Milo • Ice Blended Milk Tea •

• Egypt • Beijing, China • Angkor Wat • South Korea • Australia • Japan • Vatican City, Rome • Sarawak & Sabah All Around •


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